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Doktor Aeg is a mysterious, creepy, tall, and friendly NPC. Shortly after moving into Cormac, he injured himself. Resident Wastelanders were hesitant at first, but they agreed to help him out. Coincidentally, many people were also suffering from Rustmouth at the time. Through time and great effort of him and other Wastelanders a cure for Rustmouth was found. Unlike most NPCs, he has no affiliation with the Traders and outright refuses to trade with them. Aeg can be found at | Aegs Cave, where not only does he help people craft things; but also helps create Cinderblock Stew, and dispenses some tasks.

After creating the cure, for a long time Aeg remained relatively undisturbed and quite friendly in his cave in Cormac. However, during the 11th Season of Violent Winds he was abducted from his cave. He eventually escaped his captors and came home. Since then he's been a little paranoid about the people he trades with. He would rather instead ask people to gather supplies for his creations, and in exchange he'll give them food he's grown or treated to make edible.

The full story of his abduction from another characters perspective can be read here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Under the mask Aeg is a ghoul, who once was an exile mutant, who actually died from Rustmouth while trying to save his friends. He's burdened by his deep mutant beliefs and the fact that he's a ghoul. His past failures make him very insecure about his actual abilities, despite being one of the most talented and beneficial alchemists of The Wastelands.

Crafting with Aeg

Aeg is technically a crafting station, capable of helping you craft certain special items, including the cure for Rustmouth.

Things You Can Craft Spoiler


When you ask Aeg for a task, he will randomly dispense one of the two tasks he has to the player. They're both relatively easy tasks, which offer lots of food as rewards. His tasks are also relatively safe in that they won't kill you outright, but only if you pay attention. In comparison to Alden his tasks are more suited for new players, or players who are just hungry.

Gather Mushrooms

This task is relatively straight forward. Aeg will task you with collecting six to nine mushrooms from Hambone Slough. Like all tasks, it's important that you walk there and don't teleport. Additionally, it's very important to not step on the mushrooms as they'll have an interesting... reaction -- and they'll die. Walk up to a mushroom you need from your list and click it. Search around for the mushrooms you need until your list is complete and return to Aeg when you're done. You have a whopping three hours to complete this task.

Mushroom Rewards

You'll get a variety of edible mushrooms as a reward. Typically the more mushrooms you need to gather the more mushrooms you'll get as a reward. Doktor Aeg is the only way to acquire these edible mushrooms. Of special note is the WL: Purple with green specks mushroom, which has a trippy drug-like effect if you eat one.

Create a Potion

Aeg will ask you to help create a potion, but the starting materials for the potion are rather unpleasant. So Aeg has you inhale some herbs he uses to deal with it. But those herbs make you lose your short term memory. Eventually you will remember the places you're supposed to visit and items you're supposed to add to the potion as you progress through the task.

Be sure to make note of each reaction, there is a quiz at the end. Currently there are about 70 distinct locations scattered across the 10+ regions of the estate; which are categorized into 4 groups, which make over 90 thousand different possible combinations to this task.

You have one hour to finish this task, and the flask you carry is fragile. You must take no falling damage while doing this task.

Potion Rewards

Once you finish helping Aeg create is potion and answer his quiz correctly, you'll get a good amount of food that Aeg has grown or collected.

Be Part of the Task

I would be happy to add your location to the task if you can meet the following requirements:

  • You own land in The Wastelands and your claim date for that particular parcel is at least a year old, and you plan to keep that parcel for a long time.
  • This task is all about creating a questionable potion from rare-ish things he's found. The destination on your land should lead to some sort of liquid, some sort of interesting dirt, a unique plant or fungus, or some other sort of strange but interesting alchemical thing.
  • Your proposed destination should be relatively easy to get to.
  • You must have and maintain a clear ban list on your land, and be chill enough to allow people whom you may not get along with, to poke around and explore your land.
  • I'm not opposed to name dropping your RP persona if it's fitting and you can justify it. There’s already a few RP personas who’ve been name dropped into the task destinations.