WL: Leather Fist Wraps

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WL: Leather Fist Wraps

Barter Value: 16

Leather formed into a pair of thick fist wraps, these will help protect your knuckles when the punches start flying. This weapon comes as a pair of items, but you need only wear the Right-hand Fist Wrap for them to be considered an active weapon. These are considered to be Pugilistic Weapons. They can be repaired with WL: Ball of twine, WL: Bits of leather, and WL: Stitched leather

You can craft your own set of Leather Fist Wraps at Doktor Aeg with the following FIVE items:

Leather Fist Wraps must be brand new (100/100 condition) in order to upgrade a pair. Simply take a new pair of Leather Fist Wraps, and an Upgrade Kit to Doktor Aeg, and he will upgrade your Leather Fist Wraps with the provided Kit.