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Pugilism is the fine honed art of not swinging your arms like a maniac and hoping to hit someone with luck. It's a discipline that requires anticipation of your enemies moves, and the ability to counter his attacks. A good fighter will be able to exploit the weaknesses of their enemies and defeat them.

Fightin' Moves

Like all weapons, all punches must be performed in mouse-look. Unlike some classic Wastelands weapons, you cannot hold the mouse button down to keep swinging. One click equals one swing. Key combinations pressed while clicking deliver different types of punches. Punches have varying cooldowns dependent upon the style of punch used. Similarly, the longer the punch recovery time, the stronger the punch will be.


Jabs are fast and short punches, from shoulder level. Jabs are good for close combat, fast and light punches. Jabs have a fast recovery time, but cannot apply DoT damage. To perform a jab, just click your left mouse button without pressing any other keys. When you perform a Jab, it automatically alternates between right and left.


Hooks are wide arc punches cutting horizontally across shoulder level. Hooks are ideal for hitting people who try to run around you. The more you and they walk into it, the more damage it does. Hooks have a medium recovery time. A solid hook might apply a DoT, if the weapon is capable of it. To perform a right hook, press the left directional key -- A or the left arrow -- just before you mouse-click. To perform a left hook, press the right directional key -- D or the right arrow key -- just before you mouse-click. Hooks swing with the opposite arm of the button pressed in order to maximize momentum damage.


Haymakers are long-reach forward punches, from shoulder level. They're best for when a person is out of normal reach -- as you will lunge into the punch. If you manage to hit a person with the full force of the punch, it may apply a DoT if the weapon is capable of it. To perform a haymaker, press forward -- W or the up arrow key -- just before you mouse-click. When you perform a Haymaker, it automatically alternates between left and right.


Uppercuts are notorious for ending fights. However, they're very difficult to perform and require almost ideal conditions. Uppercuts come from the lower right and go to the upper left, but at the same time you'll be stepping backwards. Because of this, it's important to be up close. They are slow moves to recover from, and leave the fighter vulnerable. Uppercuts can perform a critical hit for 133% damage instead of applying DoT damage. But beware, if you upper-crit (as we call it) your recovery time will also be 133% longer. To perform an uppercut, press backward -- S or the down arrow key -- just before you mouse-click.

Important Game Mechanics

  1. Hunger has a significant impact on your damage output, as well as your ability to apply DoTs. Stay well fed to do the most damage, and have the best chance to apply DoTs to your foes.
  2. Wherever you're looking, you'll be punching! You can even crouch-punch accurately.
  3. Base hit strength is determined by how much the punch-arc connects with an enemy. The louder the punch sound, the more solid the hit you've made is.
  4. Whenever you apply a DoT or land an upper-crit, there will be a special punching sound.

Avatar Size

Your avatar's size plays a great deal of importance when boxing in The Wastelands. Every aspect of the boxing system is affected by your avatar's size -- from your reach, to your damage, to how fast you swing, and much more. The formulas were derived from the helpful documentation of the article A Matter of Proportion by Penny Patton. Having a bigger or smaller avatar isn't necessarily better or worse. It all depends on how you want to play, and how you adapt.

Being Smaller
  1. Advantages: Harder to hit, faster hits, more solid blows.
  2. Disadvantages: Lower Damage, shorter reach, harder to land a DoT.
Being Bigger
  1. Advantages: Longer reach, higher damage, easier to land a DoT.
  2. Disadvantages: Easier to hit, slower swings, less solid blows.

The Stinger

The Stinger.png

Moe: Homer, I want you to have my lucky mits. I hope you do better with them than I did.

Homer: Gee, thanks, Moe. What's this?

Moe: Ah, that's the barbed wire. We, uh, we called that the stinger. They...they don't let you use that no more.

Wraps that can apply DoTs have usage charges associated with them. They're relatively cheap to recharge, but still have a cost associated with them. By clicking your wrap, you can see how many charges are left, and what is required to refill those charges.


Just like the bows, fist wraps require repairs and will degrade over use. Masheens and traders won't accept anything but brand new items -- so keep that in mind while crafting. To repair your fist wraps, rez it on the ground (do not "drop"), and click it. When you click it, it will tell you what components can repair them. Simply rez those components on top of your fist wrap within 2 minutes of when you rezzed the fist wrap.

Fighting Tips

  1. Being as close as you can to another avatar is too close! You don't have enough room to perform a punch properly, so it's best to be within arms reach, but not chest to chest.
  2. Remember, a lot of punch combinations also move your avatar. You have to be prepared to know what to do next. This whole system is very skill-based, so if it seems frustrating at first -- remember that it takes practice to master!
  3. This new system is so drastically different from classic Wastelands Weapons that you should give yourself a solid hour of practice with someone else. After about an hour you should be somewhat acclimated to the new mechanics and have a good feel on how to play.
  4. Lag is your enemy. Low viewer FPS will work against you! Tune up your system or turn your graphical settings down. 10fps is suggested at minimum.