Cinderblock Stew

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At Aegs Cave in Cormac, the community as a whole can help Doktor Aeg create a stew that will fill up your hunger bar. It's simple to use, and has a few stages of building. It may require the efforts of multiple people to achieve, but it's not impossible. All objects will need to be rezzed on the stew, and not Aeg himself. At any time while the stew is not complete, you can click it to see it's progress.

  • First of all the stew will need to rez a WL: Cinder Block.
  • Secondly, the stew will need five WL: Flask Full of Dirty Water. Don't worry, Aeg will give you the WL: Empty Flask back.
  • Thirdly, the stew needs something plant, something meat, something savory, something sweet, and 150 BV worth of food (including some misc not-food items). Food is broken up into the previously mentioned categories, and a few foods can count as being multiple categories. I'll leave it up to the players to figure out which categories of food are which.
  • Optionally, up to three WL: Flask Filled With Acrid Brown Paste can be added to the stew. Each flask added this way will increase the chance of the stew curing someone afflicted with Rustmouth.

When completed and for up to 48 (or 24) hours after the stew is complete; it will serve up to 100 servings of stew. All players will be able to click it to eat some. When you eat it you get a FULL hunger bars worth of food, and you can do this every six real world hours.

Curative Stew

If one or more WL: Flask Filled With Acrid Brown Paste has been added to the stew, it inherits a chance to cure people of Rustmouth. Simply put the more flasks in the stew, the better the chance. There is no guarantee it will cure you as that is reserved for the actual item itself. But since you can eat from the stew multiple times, you can have multiple chances. The BV of the cure does NOT count towards the BV requirement for completing the stew. Additionally if any flasks are added to the stew, the stew is only good for 24 hours instead of 48 because the curative properties of the cure cause the stew to spoil faster.