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Character History

Surprisingly little is known about Alden. Despite his lack of eyeballs, he is one of Trade Boss Debsloks most trusted and successful traders. For this reason, he only trades high value items, special imports from distant places, and unique items people cannot acquire anywhere else. Individuals his age are few and far between, so occasionally he imparts words of wisdom to younger traders. Since so many people visit him during the day, he's heard a lot of rumors, and occasionally has errands for people to run. He may seem gruff and a little terse, but it appears he genuinely cares about the community as a whole, which is in part why he tasks people with taking care of dangerous situations, and helping out others in need.

Alden currently resides at the Salvage Yard, in The Junkyard. Before the Cape of Ruin was washed out to sea, that is where he spent most of his time.


While wearing the HUD, you can click Alden and select "Barter" to begin a trade. He will only trade salvage that has a Barter Value higher than or equal to 9. His trade rate is 9 to 1; so he'll trade up to 450 BV worth of salvage for 50 BV worth of other, and sometimes unique things. He will also accept Trader Scrit at full face value.


Alden only has one type of task at the moment.

Fetch a Dangerous Crate

Alden will task you with fetching a dangerous crate that belongs to Debsloks Traders. Something happened to it, and it's original courier. What exactly happened, and what's inside the crate -- no one knows! This task is a very dangerous task compared to the others and most failures are because people died attempting it. On the other hand the rewards are more than worth the risk.

This task has several difficulty levels, based on the dangerous nature of the crate, and how far you must travel. Each level of difficulty has it's own level of rewards. Needless to say the harder it is, the better the reward.

You have only 15 minutes to find this crate, and return it to Alden alive.


If you complete this task Alden will give you some random, but very useful game items. Some of his rewards table have certain items you can ONLY get from doing this task.

Fetch a Dangerous Crate Spoiler

Due to the nature of how random all the elements of Aldens task is, there is no guarantee that you will complete it or even live through it!