The Junkyard

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The Junkyard was the second sim to open in the estate on March 10th 2007. The Junkyard is considered a legacy sim; or a sim with a 1:1 prim bonus ratio. 512sqm of this sim yields 117 prims. The Junkyard is a class 5 sim. The land in this sim is terra formable.

Sub-Theme and Role Play Information


A great highway overpass goes right over the Junkyard from the Wastelands and to the east. The Junkyard is a tad more industrial than The Wastelands sim but along the same sub-theme, more structures are built from junk salvaged from The Junkyard itself.

As the settlement expanded out a large industrial area to the east began to fill with scavengers looking for treasures. It was hotly contested by warring factions amongst the new settlers for a time. Centered around the Scrap Yard in the center of the neighborhood, junkyard was a sprawl of ruined factories small abandoned homes and huge piles of slag and rubbish. Occasionally a treasure is still hauled out of the refuse but largely its been picked over for the true gems. Underneath a crumbling section of overpass resides Alden, a local Trader.