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"The Wastelands" can refer to the estate, or the sim. The Estate is the continent of sims that makes up the whole of the Wastelands. In this article we'll cover The Wastelands, the sim.

Technical Information

The Wastelands was the very first sim to open in the estate on January 19th 2007. The Wastelands is considered a legacy sim; or a sim with a 1:1 prim bonus ratio. 512sqm of this sim yields 117 prims. The Wastelands is a class 5 sim. The land in this sim is terra formable.

Sub-Theme and Role Play Information


The Wastelands is the ruins of a small town, some of the streets are intact. The proper theme would be suburban post apocalypse, remnants of mom and pop shops as well as various homes and places built from scrap materials.

The location where the Tin Man was first discovered doing his thing way out in the desert by himself In the ruins of what seemed to be a small town. He was extremely protective of a certain device here, the Salvage Masheen. After a few straggling wanderers managed to find the small village it became a good stopover outpost for traveling through the wastes and the Tin Man proved an unlikely Mayor. Composed of a few surprisingly intact structures and the remains of fallout shelters (perhaps related to Fort Stygian) and underground survival chambers. Wastelands was most likely a small coastal town that managed to escape some of the voracity of The Fall.