Fort Stygian

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Fort Stygian was the fourth sim to open in the estate on September 9th 2007. Fort Stygian is considered a double prim sim; or a sim with a 2:1 prim bonus ratio. 512sqm of this sim yields 234 prims. Fort Stygian is a class 5 sim. The land in this sim is terra formable.

Sub-Theme and Role Play Information

Fort Stygian is where an ancient millitary conducted experiments, and brought ruin to everything in the region. The land is broken and a fiery cauldron of magma is the final resting place of the last experiment. It's always oddly still like a lake on a beautiful day. Builds here should be a bit more fortified to deal with the conditions (ruined military-esque), or fresh camps for those that dwell in the region.

While making trade runs from The Junkyard to The Great Fissure a group of explorers found a ruined military complex to the south of junkyard. Perching hazardously at the edge of a large and perpetually lava filled crater, Fort Stygian was an extremely tantalizing if hazardous ruin for the treasures it may contain. After questioning Neo about his knowledge of the location the tinman revealed an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the military installation. Due to faulted or overwritten memory circuits it seems the Tinman is unaware even himself of why this knowledge is available to him. Surrounding the crater were various military buildings and industrial support facilities for the oldworld fort. Few have had the bravery or sheer audacity to test themselves against the radiation and the heat of fort stygian to really search for relics . Most are aware that lava shouldn't stay in a constant molten state and wisely don't want to find out why it does here.