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Scythejaw is a relatively new trader amongst the trader faction. Perhaps this is why he's so eager to do a good job and make "good trades". Other suspect it's because he wants to make a good name for manimals. He's pretty friendly to everyone except Saul, to which he seems to have a rivalry with. It is unknown whether or not if their rivalry has helped him earn his position, or is Saul is just as intollerable in Trade Boss Debsloks eyes as well. He trades pretty much anything for other objects that have been found, and occasionally imports from other trade settlements. Scythejaw regularly conducts these trades from his shack in Fort Stygian.

Game Mechanics

While wearing the HUD, you can click Scythejaw to begin a trade. He will only trade salvage that has a Barter Value higher than or equal to 6. His trade rate is 6 to 1; so he'll trade up to 300 BV worth of salvage for 50 BV worth of other things. He will also accept Trader Scrit at full face value.