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Saul the food trader was the first regular NPC in the Wastelands. He's been ordered by Trade Boss Debslok to trade at the bottom of The Great Fissure -- her thought being that if people need water, they'll need food too. He's one ugly guy, and not too particularly friendly, but very chatty while trading. He primarily deals with many different foods to trade -- all but the rarest foods, or special seasonal foods.

As of November 2018, Saul seems to have gone missing. A letter was given to residents that hint of a sinister demise.

Game Mechanics

While wearing the HUD, you can click Saul to begin a trade. He will trade most salvage that has a Barter Value for food. His trade rate is 3 to 1; so he'll trade up to 150 BV worth of salvage for 50 BV worth of food. He will also accept Trader Scrit at full face value.