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After the collapse of neighboring settlements near The Wastelands, The Wastelands has become a permanent home for the Traders. To them, it is both a major trade junction and a place where travelers passing through absolutely HAVE to stop to recover and resupply from their journeys. Seeing the potential for great profit, Trade Boss Debslok has ordered the Traders to set up permanent shop in prime locations across the Wastelands. Rumor has it that the Trade Boss hires youthful salvage runners to haul the loot between settlements and to perform other mundane tasks.

How to Interact With Traders

Make sure you have a Wastelands HUD equipped.
You can only trade once every 6 real world hours.
Touch the trader to begin the trade, but don't click any of the buttons that pop up.
You will have five minutes to rez the things you want to trade.
Each item will be "taken" by the Trader. Don't worry -- if you cancel your trade, they'll give them back.
If you don't like the flavor text that the trader produces for each item you bring them, you can tell them to "Shut up", and they won't spit out flavor text.
Rez up to 50 items, or the Trader's maximum trade limit.
When you are done rezzing things, or have reached the max, click the "I'm Ready" button on the dialog.
The Trader will then present a list of items they will offer you in local chat, as well as an item count in a dialog window.
If you say "Nevermind" to the offer, your trade for the day is wasted, and you'll need to visit them some other time.
If you've given the Trader anything when you hit "Nevermind", he'll give it back to you.
If you let the time run out, it will also count as saying "Nevermind".
If you say "Trade", he will give you what he offered you.

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