The Great Fissure

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The Great Fissure was the third sim to open in the estate on June 14th 2007. The Great Fissure is considered a double prim sim; or a sim with a 2:1 prim bonus ratio. 512sqm of this sim yields 234 prims. The Great Fissure is a class 5 sim. The land in this sim is terra formable.

Sub-Theme and Role Play Information

The Great Fissure was caused by the accident in Fort Stygian. A giant fissure tears through the center of this sim. Over time the locals have set up residences there. The Great Fissure has little bit of hometown, and sort of a more wilderness theme, as there aren't many structures that lasted through the earthquake.

After The Junkyard had been parceled out and divided by settlers, and Neo largely had silenced any disturbances form local factions. Settlers began exploring towards the south and encountering occasional Tribal bands or Mutant hunting parties. They found the source of the interest when they discovered a deep rift into the earth. Calling it The Great Fissure intrepid explorers began dipping into its depths. They found rain waters and condensation had accumulated towards the base creating a shaded swampy area sheltering various insects and small animal life that the Tribals and Mutants used for sport and hunting. The ruins in this area could barely be referred to as "standing" many had slipped towards the open chasm in the ground or cracked and tumbled into themselves down into heaps of rubble. Mutants and Tribals on the far south side of the chasm had set up encampments and small huts and were not fully welcoming of their new neighbors. After the tinman visited the local witchdoctor servicing both the tribals and the mutants from his hut in the center of the chasm, the two groups managed to hammer out an agreement and share the area.