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As new and interesting game features in The Wastelands are released, the potential for alternate Second Life accounts abusing more essentially free resources, has also increased. The majority of players in The Wastelands are honest individuals, but a few bad apples who use alts for questing and trading were reaping the best rewards.

The idea behind the EXPerience system is that if people want to play with alternate SL accounts they can continue to do so -- but they'll have to invest some normal gameplay time as well as adhering to the existing easy resource cooldowns.

EXP is short for experience, and it is a MacGuffin "resource" that players can obtain just by playing the game normally. EXP is SL account locked, non-tradeable, and currently has a 50 point cap.

You can see how much Experience you have by clicking your HUD to bring up the menu, then clicking Experience.

Gaining Experience

As long as you're under the Experience cap, you should gain experience for the following normal gameplay actions:

Action EXP Reward
Loot a Common Crate 1 EXP
Loot an Uncommon Crate 3 EXP
Loot a Rare Crate 9 EXP
Crate Explodes on You 1 EXP
Successfully Craft Something With Three or More Components 2 EXP
Successfully Complete a Task/Quest 5 EXP
Accepting an NPC Barter Offer 2 EXP
Squash a Leech 1 EXP
Kill a Cave Grub 3 EXP
Kill a Turkey Buzzard 6 EXP
Kill the Dune Trapper and Live 25 EXP
Redeem a WL: Candy Scrit BV of Candy Reward * 0.10 EXP
Contribute to Cinderblock Stew BV of Contribution * 0.05 EXP
Contribute to the Healing Masheen BV of Contribution * 0.05 EXP

Spending Experience

Once you have Experience, you're going to want to spend it. Here are all the current costs of spending EXP.

Action EXP Cost Cooldown
Filling a WL: Flask Full of Dirty Water 10 EXP None
Trade with an NPC 12 EXP 6 Hours for all Trades
Do a task for an NPC 30 EXP 16 Hours for all Tasks