The Right Revenant Doktor Pileus

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Doktor Pileus is played by DoktorPileus, and can frequently be found in The Wastelands.

A proud and obvious Ghoul; his rotting skin is a mottled, moldering red, streaked along the chest with white body paint. His hair has long since fallen out, but his bulging and bloodshot eyes somehow have not. Yellowed teeth jut like tent pegs from his pulpy black gums. He sometimes walks with a stiff-legged lurch, sometimes a hunchbacked lope; when he stands, he sways like a gate half off its hinges. An old black top hat is typically stuck onto his slimy scalp, and a patched and oversized coat is draped over his scrawny frame.

The Doktor has an easy time with reading, writing, the spoken word, and his undying optimism -- but becomes easily agitated with trading and mechanical know-how. He doesn't know when to quit, or when to stop bothering The Mutant Witch.

Rumors About Doktor Pileus

  • He worships mushrooms.
  • If not graciously invited into a settlement, he and his followers will raid it, kidnap any of its people they can, and try to turn them into Ghouls.
  • He's an itinerant preacher who leads a psychedelic cult devoted to spreading Ghoulism: he believes it's a blessing, and he encourages Ghouls to revel in it.
  • He's great friends with Doktor Aeg, whom he thinks of as a brother.