Burnt Oak

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Burnt Oak is home to the Burnt Oak Drive-In, as well as a complex cave system beneath it's sands. The cave system includes 8 homes for people to live in, and has tons of area to hang out or role play in. If you can find your way through the caves, you'll come out the other side into Fort Stygian.

Living Here

If you choose to live in a cave-home, please be aware of the following:

  1. You must still follow all the normal rules of the estate covenant.
  2. Skyboxes of any type are not allowed.
  3. Building on ground level is not allowed.
  4. Terraforming is disabled.
  5. The main chambers of each home are directly on your land, but the connecting corridors are not. In order to place things in your corridors you must anchor them there.
  6. You ARE allowed and encouraged to anchor your build, especially into your connecting corridors. But do NOT block the main tunnels of the caves, or into your neighbors caves.
Parcel Boundary Skull.png

Parcel Boundary

Because these parcels are effectively in the sky, you won't be able to see the actual boundaries of your land. However the estate has made a unique tool to help visualize where the parcel boundary actually is. Near the entrance to each cave chamber is a skull. If you click the skull it will rez an object to show where your parcel boundary is for that chamber. Click it again and it will go away. If you wish to purchase the parcel, stand within the parcel boundary and in your viewers' menu click World > About Land : Buy Land.


Burnt Oak was one of the first four homestead regions of the estate. It was effectively owned and operated for almost 9 years by Guiseppe Spicoli until January of 2016. He hosted the estates favorite event; Movie Night at the Burnt Oak drive in, as well as several other gameshow events throughout the years.

In January and February of 2016 an effort was made to preserve the beloved builds by renting them out as places to stay. Unfortunately there wasn't much appeal for them after many months so the idea had to be scrapped.

In July and August of the same year, work began to overhaul the region AND keep the Drive in, as well as the remnants and (more) ruins of the old builds.

RP Lore

It is known from the descendants of descendants, that there was once a lake in Burnt Oak. To this day and some say they can sometimes see it's ghost, taunting them with the promise of water. But when they arrived not a single drop of water was to be had, until recently...

During the season of the Fire King in the ninth span, a localized storm poured down upon the region for months. Burnt Oak lake existed for a short time once again, but all of the groundwater eroded the already damaged bedrock creating a whirlpool. As the lake drained into the bowels of the earth, it cleared out much of the sediment that had unknowingly clogged up hidden caves for years. A giant sinkhole had also formed, leading into utter darkness.

Now that the caves are exposed, some folks have decided to make them their homes, while tribal mutants curse their names for being cowardly underground dwellers. The cool dampness of the caverns may be very attractive to ghouls, and unfortunately it may also attract ghasts.