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Can of Spray Paint

Barter Value: 0

Paint the town red, with paint -- not blood.

You can only obtain it by trading with Scythejaw.

This item is a very special item that falls outside the normal collection of Wastelands salvage. No traders, NPCs, or masheens will accept them; however they are required for the mini-game described below. They're transfer, so other players can give or trade them to you too.

This is one of the Wastelands items that have their own idle animation. Simply "wear" the item, and you will carry it around in your right hand, shaking it occasionally.


WL: Can of Spray Paint: This item is only obtainable through a lucky trade with Scythejaw. He alone has access to a secret stash of spray cans. Each can of spray paint holds 25 units of paint. Different canvas sizes consume different amounts of paint, represented by an icon on the canvas itself. You can see how much paint is left in a can by looking at the objects description. Once all the paint in a can is used, the spray can object will delete itself. You'll need to get a new can of spray paint to apply more tags.

Before you can use a spray paint can, you must supply it with a texture UUID by touching it. You will be prompted to enter the UUID in a TextBox dialog. If you have a full perms texture in your inventory, you can just right click it and select Copy UUID. The UUID you give it will be the texture that it applies to the canvases you spray. You can change textures at any time by repeating the process and entering a different UUID. Be responsible with the textures you're applying. Keep in mind that you can share UUIDs with friends as a way for a bunch of people to tag the same message across the estate.


WL: Tagging Canvas: These items are completely free to all current Wastelands residents. That is, you must currently be paying tier for some place in The Wastelands. Canvases can be found at the heap. The canvases come in three sizes, and you're free to take as many as you want. Each time you do you'll be delivered a folder that has two of each size. The three sizes are available: 2x2, 4x4, and 8x8. All sizes are in meters. You can find Tagging Canvases by looking for the icon to the right. It'll also tell you how many units of paint are required to complete a tag on that surface.

How To Tag

To spray, wear the can, enter Mouselook, walk up to the canvas, and press your left mouse button. If you have enough units of paint, it will apply your texture within 10 seconds. That's it! If there's a problem, it'll tell you in local chat.

Other players can replace your image at any time by spraying over your image with their own cans of spray paint. Estate management and owners of the land the tag is on can simply clear out your image through administrative controls. Land owners can also report your images if they are offensive. If you're banned from a parcel, you won't be able to tag anything on it. You must be standing on the land the tag is also on.

Any advertisements should be *strictly in character* at all times. Ads for events on the estate are allowed to have a little wiggle room, but they should look at least a little post-apocalyptic.

Be responsible as a tagger: As a player of our games, you should know our guidelines by now, and if you don't, please have a read. With that being said, no tags should be made to single out a person and insult them WITHOUT their consent. If you guys and gals want to have tags to talk shit about a person to further a story or some RP, that's cool - but only as long as you both AGREE to this shit talk. If you make and tag things with what estate management perceives as the intention to antagonize someone, your tags will be blacklisted and you COULD be banned from the game as a whole. So use common sense when creating your textures, or you could get BANNED from all the games in The Wastelands.

Tag Management

If you own a Tagging Canvas, you have several administrative controls available. By clicking the Tagging Canvas you'll be presented with a menu. Here, you can clear the image, or get information about reporting an image to estate admins. It's free for you to clear the image, and it only takes the click of a button.

Be responsible as a host: This is a cooperative opt-in game for land owners and game players alike. As the host of a Tagging Canvas, it's important to play fair. While it may be tempting to use your god-like powers to negate a person's paint, please don't clear out an image just because you don't like the person, group, or the message of the tag (unless it's grossly offensive). It takes effort and legitimate resources to get a paint can to begin with, so deleting a persons image for the previously mentioned reasons could earn you a ban. Instead, let another person spray over it fair and square -- hell, it could even be you. If you can't agree to follow this simple guideline, I would rather that you do not host canvases on your property at all.

Reporting Offensive Tags

If you find a grossly offensive image tagged on a canvas you own, and you wish to report it, click the Menu, click the REPORT button, and follow the instructions on contacting the estate admins. You'll have to leave the image up (don't clear it) so we can see it and who posted it in order to take action. It may be best to report it, and then physically move the tagging canvas to a hidden space or skybox so no one overwrites it.

If you find a grossly offensive image tagged on a canvas you DON'T own, contact estate management directly. We'd rather get a lot of reports about the same problem than no reports at all.

Estate management has all the abilities of the land owner in terms of administration, as well as a few other abilities. We can see who left certain tags, we can DELETE canvases, we can blacklist tags, and we can ban players. So please keep all of this in mind while you play. We won't hesitate to use the powers we have at our disposal to resolve "issues," so play fair and be cool.

Guidelines and Tips for Creating Images

DO NOT USE 1024x1024 IMAGES!!11one!! For Second Life, they're grossly inefficient, and a huge burden on peoples bandwidth. At most use a 512x512 and if you're tagging a bunch of the smaller canvases try to use 256x256 images.

The TGA file format is best for uploads into SL where transparency is concerned. Otherwise your uploads might have a white "halo" around them.