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Deep in the cave tunnels of Burnt Oak resides this strange, barely "alive" ghoul. Guz remains seated in his chair, and is largely unresponsive to any outside stimuli, save for certain times of the year. His entrails can be clearly seen, barely held in place, along with a large chunk of his skull missing, showing the rotting remains of his brain inside. Some say Guz can be heard muttering to someone, or something he can see when no one is looking. When he does speak in front of others, it is largely filled incomprehensible words and gibberish. No one has ever seen Guz leave his cave chamber, but he somehow is conscious of things that happen outside of the cave tunnels.

Game Mechanics

Largely dormant, Guz sometimes gives special Tasks related to holiday events, usually Halloween themed. Each special task has been unique in the past, and he can reward players with particularly special items. This is not a guaranteed thing every year, though.