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Dust is played by Addison Whimsy, and can frequently be found at Fort Stygian.

A scabby human youth of indeterminate gender and age -- could be anywhere from 11 to a stunted 16 years old. They blew in with a dust storm and always seems to have a fine layer of dirt on them, as if they collected it. The first thing that is generally noticed about them is a missing left arm, amputated just below the elbow. A smooth scar implies either an old wound or a curiously well-tended one. The second thing is their unsettling eyes, perhaps a strange mutation has given them pale and double-pupilled eyes. They hold themselves defensively, and jump at smallest of sounds.

Dust has a knack for getting into fights, and will stand up for themselves. They're also known to be an aggressive haggler. For better or for worse; Dust doesn't know when to back down from a fight and it may be due to the poor social skills they have. They have bad luck finding anything of value.

Rumors About Dust

  • The flowers in their socks are fake, because they keep better than real ones.
  • They don't like to touch or be touched by people. If touched without warning they're prone to lashing out physically.
  • They say they're bad luck. Dust has blown into many settlements over their short life, and for one reason or another, they say, ruin has found them.
  • A trader once refused to do business with them; saying they had the look of someone who'd tasted human flesh.