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The WL: Tier Auto-Pay device is a tool designed to automate tier payments, checking parcel due dates, and can function as a general safety net for your land in case real life keeps you away from Second Life. This is a 100% optional tool, and you're not required to use it. If you think you can benefit from it's use, you may obtain a WL: Tier Auto-Pay mailbox here.

How it works

Once a day, at about the time you initially set up your device it will contact the tier server and check the remaining tier for the parcel it's on. If you have three or less days remaining, it will attempt to make a tier payment from your L$ balance. If your payment succeeds your tier will be extended and you will be notified of the new tier due date. If your payment fails for any reason you will be notified as well. If there is trouble contacting the tier server, the device will try again in an hour. If you wish to stop making automated payments, simply delete the WL: Tier Auto-Pay from your land. As an added bonus, the owner may touch it once it's setup to check the parcel details.


Obtain and Rez the WL: Tier Auto-Pay on any land you're the owner of and position it to where you'd like it. Touch it to begin the setup process, and follow the inworld dialog instructions. Once completed it will request debit permissions. You must grant debit permissions for it to work properly.


No amount of code can replace human judgement, decision making, and the responsibilities of paying your tier on time. The fact of the matter is SL is not a perfect platform, and the nature of the internet never guarantees 100% service uptime. If this device fails for any reason, and you fail to pay your tier, we will still have to reclaim your land. The responsibility of paying tier rests solely on the tenant.


  1. Only one device may be rezzed per land parcel.
  2. Only the owner of the land may use the device.
  3. This device requests DEBIT PERMISSION, you must be comfortable with that.
  4. This device cannot buy lindens for you, only take from what you have available on hand.


As the creator of this I can guarantee that it's only intention is for it to collect tier on parcels of land that are close to being overdue. As a long standing estate in SL, I'd like to think that we've earned your trust. After all we only want the community to grow, and you can't do that if we scam our residents. If there is ever a problem where you suspect that the device went crazy and took money your L$ balance for any reason other than collecting tier, we promise to look into it and correct the situation.


  1. Aki Shichroji: For the mailbox model and textures.
  2. Web Gearbox: For the suggestion.