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Storm is played by Storm Thunders, and can frequently be found in The Junkyard.

From a distance, Storm is a grey curvy female with unguligrade legs and horns.

Up close, she's covered in grey fuzz/fur/hair, has front facing yellow eyes with horizontally slit pupils, a fairly humanlike face, long floppy ears, and fingered flexible hands with hard black nails. She's fairly clean, looks remarkably healthy, and dresses like the people around her. Storm is a Manimal - Sateer (Goat/Sheep).

She's good at scavenging, goat herding, climbing, and drinking heavily; but has trouble reading, refusing booze, and likes to start fights.

Rumors About Storm

  • She's rumored to see clearly at night.
  • She really doesn't like children.
  • She eats metal cans! And paper! And all kinds of strange things!
  • Those goats she keeps? Some of them are her kids!