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Sismaqui is played by Sismaqui, and can frequently be found in The Great Fissure.

Sismaqui is a Tribal Mutant cub, and is only a couple of spans old, but still growing. Her skin is different shades of brown, her hair is the color of coal. She seems very curious and full of energy and her giggle rings high and loud. She is also known as the 'Witchlet' for she is a witch in training to her Sister.

Sismaqui is a curious and quick learner, but because of her age, she is dependent on others to keep her safe and fed.

Rumors About Sismaqui

  • They say Sismaqui is not how she is called in her tribe.
  • They say she has trouble understanding a lot of things others are talking about.
  • They say she chose to become a witch, because is the most honorable way of living in her mothers tribe.
  • They say she countenances the quirks of other races way better than her teacher.