Mister Blud

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Mister_Blud is played by Gutterblood Spoonhammer, and can frequently be found in The Sand Seas.

Mister Blud is an unusually muscular Ghoul with slightly above average height. His skin is leathery and bruised but fairly intact, taking on tones of blue and purple. Medium length steely hair is usually tucked under his ancient leather brimmed hat. A single gold tooth can also usually be seen peaking from his cracked lipped grin.

He's great at shooting guns, mapmaking, and surviving in the rough. However trivial things like opening cans of dinki di, sleeping, and swimming even seem difficult for him.

Rumors About Mister Blud

  • Mister Blud became a ghoul on the outskirts of Northgate while guarding a caravan.
  • He's traveled beyond the sand seas.
  • Some say he's in league with the strangers from the mountain of fire.
  • Mister Blud loves to eat dogfood.