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Malice is played by Malice Shepherd, and can frequently be found in The Junkyard.

Malice also known as "Rotter" or "Rotten" -- is a short, wiry, ugly ghoul in an advanced stage of decomposition. His eyes are fetid and near useless, his cheeks sunken, his teeth permanently exposed and bleeding from the loss of most of his face over time; and seems to be falling apart quite literally in places. His posture and demeanor are rather aggressive for despite his relatively diminutive stature.

Malice is good at confusing and enraging the locals, by telling nonsensical stories, starting fights, and hunting indescrimnately. Because of this he's also fairly bad at staying on task, trading, remembering things accurately, and has trouble being patient for anything other than hunting.

Rumors About Malice

  • According to older wastelanders, Malice may have at one time sparked a civil war in The Junkyard over a misunderstanding involving footwear.
  • Malice once killed two angry botans when they interrupted his 'bath', which happened to be in their swamp.
  • Malice can be pacified, if not befriended, if offered food.
  • Some say that Malice once attempted to ride a sandworm.