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Selling land in Second Life can be challenging, especially since our estate doesn't want to mimic the mainland with 10m tall spinning full bright LAND FOR SALE signs. The WL: For Sale Sign is a thematic scripted device to aid in selling your land to people wandering around the estate. You may obtain a WL: Land For Sale Sign here.


Obtain and Rez the WL: For Sale Sign on any land you're the owner of and position it to where you'd like it.

How it works

There's a couple pretty slick features for the owner of the sign. First of all, only the owner of the land can rez it on the land, otherwise it deletes itself. Secondly, it lets you know if your land is deeded to group, and that you should sell the land to yourself for zero first before selling it to the public. Finally, if your land is sold, it'll tell you who it sold to.

For people looking for land, they can click it, and it'll tell them all about the land, and who they should contact, as well as how much tier is left so they can make informed descisions.


  1. Only the owner of the land may use the device.
  2. Just one sign per plot please. We'll return them if you're using more than one. :P


  1. Aki Shichroji: For the sign model and textures.