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Beezle is played by Beezle Warburton, and can frequently be found in Fort Stygian.

This tall, skinny mutant is easily confused for a skeyl mahml due to her tail, slitted eyes, and brown leathery skin; but she insists "LEEZARD NO GROW HAIRS." Hair which she keeps in a well-maintained mohawk and does up her Tribal body paint to match. Further confusion is caused because she claims to have molted and indeed some remember her as being green.

Beezle is a great crafter and has spent many hours with the masheen, she's only stymied when certain ingredients are difficult to obtain. She has the most horrible luck at scavenging -- unless you think bits of fur and broken glass are incredible finds.

Rumors About Beezle

  • Takes ghoul ranting very seriously.
  • Claims that the worst part of her Trial was boredom.
  • Spends a bit too much time in the sun.
  • Can't be left unattended around goats.