Aecius Archelon

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Aecius_Archelon is played by BaronAyerbe, and can frequently be found in Fort Stygian.

Aecius could be best described as something that appears to be a humanoid with hawk or eagle like features; possibly a tall Craw Manimal. Completelty covered in feathers, he also has has a formidable set of wings; while his hands and feet seem to be claws or talons. His head is covered by a large iron helmet that he seems to always wear. But peering through the slits you can see his large beak, and red eyes peer right back at you.

He's great at finding valuable treasures, food, and interesting scraps; but has problems hunting prey.

Rumors About Aecius_Archelon

  • He lives in a small compound with a locomotive on top of a broken railway bridge.
  • He seems to be solitary, but will welcome you if follow him or offer a generous gift.
  • It is said that he will not hurt you, unless you attack first.
  • Others say that likes assaulting travelers and will kidnap you if he has the chance.