Why not Fallout?

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NeoBokrug Elytis here... Ever since Fallout 3 came out, people have been asking me about Fallout in general. Don't get me wrong. I love the post apocalypse, and I love the Fallout franchise. But... It's very big, it's very popular, and it's done better than any SL rendition could hope for.

Here's my reasons as the Estate Owner why I don't choose to endorse Fallout in the estate:

  1. The Post-Apocalyptic genre existed LONG before Fallout video games.
  2. The estate was in development in 2006, prior to Fallouts' sudden revival with Fallout 3. Ever since Fallout 3 came out, on occasion people have been telling me this estate rips off fallout. If anything Fallout rips us off. I don't care that those pictures didn't work, point is we made the comparison back in the day.
  3. Shortly before Fallout 3s release Zenimax (owners of the fallout franchise), sent a cease and desist letter to a resident who was creating 3D representations of 2D assets from Fallout 1. Why bully a fan who wants to bring awareness to the franchise? Damn him for making 3D versions of your 2D renditions, and the three dollars a month he made.
  4. It's been done to death a thousand times in SL already, and importing textures or meshes is an IP violation.
  5. I had never played the games prior to Fallout 3s release, so my contributions to the estate that were inspired by Fallout was 0%

This doesn't mean that Fallout inspired things are not welcome in the estate, it just means that as the estate owner I am not going to say this estate is Fallout based or inspired. The post apocalyptic genre is so much more than just Fallout. More importantly, let's contribute to something new and blaze a path for a unique take on the genre!