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Guns. Knives. Swords. Clubs. Weapons!
All of these are our instruments of destruction in The Wastelands. To use a weapon, make sure you have your HUD on, and then equip your weapon. While in mouse look, click with the left mouse button and you will fire or swing your weapon. It's that simple! Some weapons are better than others, but some -- when wielded with a correct fighting style (something you just have to learn), can easily trump the best weapons. The formula for victory is half equipment, half player skill and know how. To get better, why not spar with a friend at the Potato Farm?

Weapon Description

Each weapon, and pretty much every object that is part of the Wastelands games, make use of the Object description to hold additional information. For example:
BV: 12 ARROWS: (1 + 9 / 12)
BV represents an items Barter Value. This value is used as a measure of a worth, or rarity. Traders and merchants might base thier prices off this value, however keep in mind that the Wastelands economy isn't driven by numbers, but by what is available.
Items that are more than just simple salvage will have additional information after the barter value. With the example above ARROWS is representative of the ammo type the weapon uses. The little formula after the ammo type represents the current weapons ammo supply. (ammo_in_clip + ammo_in_reserve / maximum_ammo)

  • ammo_in_clip: Represents the ammo available before you have to reload. When you reload, it will subtract ammo from your reserve.
  • ammo_in_reserve: Represents the ammo you have in addition to what is in the clip. When the ammo in reserve reaches zero, it's about time to restock it.
  • maximum_ammo: Shows how many shots total your weapon holds before you have to restock it.

Restocking Weapons

All ranged weapons, and a handful of melee weapons will require an ammunition of some type. Restocking a weapon replenishes it's required resources, and gives you a set number of ammo per weapon. Some weapons will take several boxes of ammo before they're fully restocked.

  1. Rez your weapon inworld.
  2. Right click your weapon and select restock. (Or just click it)
  3. Once you received this message "You have one minute in which to restock your weapon, your weapon will be disabled until then.", rez the specific ammo type listed in the weapons description on top of your weapon.
  4. If everything's good the ammo should go into the weapon!
  5. Inspect your weapons description, and repeat until it's full of ammo.

Melee Weapons

Not much to say about melee weapons. You swing and hit something or you don't. All sorts of close combat fun! Unlike physical bullet combat systems in Second Life, you can actually DUCK to avoid swings, but that doesn't prevent your opponent from looking down and bonking you on the head.

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are at best a luxury, and offer the convenience of killing from afar, ravaging a group of enemies, or even plinking away at pursuers. This comes at the cost of time and ammunition. Acquiring ammo is a difficult thing in the Wastelands, and those that do know it. Sometimes people must scavenge or barter for a long while before they have enough ammo for their weapon.
Some important information about ranged weapons:

  1. Ranged weapons can be very accurate or very inaccurate. It depends on the type of weapon.
  2. In addition to the type of weapon affecting accuracy, MOVING will also affect your accuracy -- because it's much more difficult to shoot a gun on the run.
  3. Most guns at point blank range are just as accurate as melee weapons, but if you're going to be within melee range, why not use a melee weapon and save your ammo?
  4. Like melee weapons, other players can duck behind things to avoid having their head blown off.
  5. You can't shoot through chain fences or similar items, because it's just a solid object with an alpha texture. :C
  6. Pro-Tip: For those really distant shots CTRL-0 in Second Life zooms in. CTRL-9 resets your view back to normal.