Wastelander Referral Program

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The Wastelander referral program has been designed to reward residents and regulars who bring new residents to The Wastelands. I grow, you grow, we're all a big happy radiated family. All you need to do is bring new residents to the estate.


Those who refer brand new residents to the Wastelands will receive a cut of the price the land was sold for. You will recieve your cut as soon as I can get it to you (when I am online next).

  • Current paying residents (those who have names on tier meters) will receive 50% of the price the land is being sold for.
  • Ex-residents or regulars will receive 25% of the price the land is being sold for.
  • This applies to all land bought by the new person for 24 hours from the first land purchase.

How do I get my L$ ?

  • The plot of land that is being bought must be for sale by NeoBokrug Elytis.
  • The person purchasing the land must have never been a resident in the past.
  • The person purchasing the land **MUST** send me an IM **BEFORE** they purchase the land saying who exactly refferred them. Something along the lines of : "ZYX is my referral for this plot of land I am about to buy". Then they buy the land, and I know who to pay.
  • This program is not available during any sort of sale type event, homesteads, openspaces, or until 2 months after a new regular sim opens up.


Sandusky Kayvon has a few friends who don't live in The Wastelands, and he'd sure like to bring his friends to live next door to him. Fortunately some land is available across the street from where he lives! It's for sale by NeoBokrug Elytis for L$6,500, because it's one of the smaller plots. He follows the instructions above, and one of his friends moves in. Since he already owns land here, he gets half of the sale price! L$3,250

Spider Mandala doesn't live on the estate, but he does spend a lot of time RPing and playing the games here. Eventually he wants to save up and buy his own plot, so looks at the land map and convinces his friends to move here! They buy one of the largest parcels in the estate; it costs L$26,000. Since he's not a resident he gets 25% of the sale, which is L$6,500! That's enough for him to get his own land now!