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War Zone is a sim wide event taking place somewhere in the estate, and it's usually the last Saturday of each month at 3pm PDT. Teamwork is the key to playing a good game, cooperation amongst the team will ensure victory.

Core Rules


  1. Participants MUST show up on time and ready to play! The event takes quite a bit of organization on the hosts part, so be prepared to follow instructions.
  2. Participants then touch the blue cone to confirm they are competing in the event.
  3. Once the last call for players has been made, teams will be chosen at random.
  4. If teams are uneven, a spectator may be asked to participate, or a person may be requested to leave a team.
  5. Once teams are divided up, teams take place around the radius of the flag, marked usually with a red ring, in preparation for game play.
  6. Team members may use any weapon of their choosing, but only one "Rifle" of any kind is allowed per team. This includes WL: Pipe Rifle, WL: Scavengers Rifle, and WL: Hunters Rifle
  7. Matches are usually 5 or 10 minutes long.
  8. The team who carries the flag the longest for the match wins.
  9. The team who wins, wins the best of three matches. If the first two matches are won by the same team, it is tradition to hold a final match with fistwraps only (cue Benny Hill music)

Things to know about the Flag

In order to carry the flag, you must exit mouse look and click it when you are near it. If you're skillful you can steal it from other players.
The flag is radioactive so carrying it for an extended period of time is unwise. Teams do best if they "share the burden" by passing the flag back and forth to team mates.
The flag reveals your health status to all other players.
The flag also shows how much time is left in the match.


Above the flag at all times there is a "Flag Following Platform". This platform follows the flag around the sim keeping the spectators on top of the action. Everyone not participating is expected to sit on the platform and watch for the duration of the event.