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Wastelands Redux has replaced old WLv1. WLv1 is no longer in use.

The Wastelands Games (aka WLv1) were opened sometime in early March of 2007, as a sensor based, dynamic alternative to physical bullet combat that was very present in Second Life at the time. The games focused primarily on survivalist combat, duels, bartering, and exploration of recipes.

Starter Kit

The Wastelands Combat Starter Box can be purchased for L$100 near any of the main Wastelands telehubs. It contains all you need to get started playing the games or RPing with the system. The box includes documentation, a game hud, a Wastelands Clobberin' Stick, and a Wastelands Nailgun. Currently the kit is only for sale to deter cheaters, WLv2 and all future iterations are intended to be free of charge to anyone who wishes to participate.

Wastelands Hud

General Rules

  • The Wastelands Hud is the core component that keeps track of your health, and lets you interact with things. It has been designed to fit on a 4:3 screen ratio, so if you have wide screen SL, things might seem off, feel free to adjust it's positioning.
  • It is important that you attach your hud BEFORE you attach any weapons or armor. Otherwise weapons and armor will not register or equip.
  • The hud is REQUIRED to loot salvage that you find in the wastes. Once you equip the hud you will have a 90 second cooldown time before you're able to loot salvage.
  • The hud has a permanent internal death regeneration percent, cheating in any way will lower that number, thus extend the time that you are dead. If you cheat too much your death regen % will eventually be 0%, and you will have to purchase a new HUD.
  • Do not release keys while dead. If you're dead just stay there until you can get back up.
  • Do not unequip the hud while dead. The HUD knows and punishes.
  • Do not FLY with the hud on, it will kill you quite swiftly.
  • Do not TELEPORT with the hud on, as teleports normally trigger flying.
  • While the HUD doesn't actively cause damage is DOES push you down rather forcefully if you fly. If you are on damaged enabled land, you will get killed. If your home point is also damaged enabled land, you might get cause in a dying loop.
  • Sit target teleport hacks make you fly sometimes.

About Damage

There are 5 types of damage in the combat system, as well as Damage Over Time effects.  The five damage types are bleeding, radiation, poison, fire and an unknown damage.

Damage over Time (or DoT) is a game play mechanic of many games. DoTs in The Wastelands Combat System will be both rare and brutal. Lets pretend you stepped in a puddle of radioactive goo. You could get a DoT counter in Radiation damage. If you stayed there the DoT number would increase, this both increases the duration, and the damage. If you get a DoT while you have other DoTs of the same type on you, the Timer resets, and lasts longer than before. A good idea is to stay away from things that you know will place a DoT effect on you.

About Dying

So you've met your match, or have succumbed to the hazards of the wastes. Not to fear! Being dead your health regenerates MUCH faster than normal, so in about 100 seconds you'll be at 25% health, which is enough to get up and move around then. At such time you will have 20 Seconds to find a safe place, or unequip your hud without penalty. However during the grace period you cannot equip things or interact with anything.

HUD Icons

Left to Right:

Yellow + symbol: These are your credits for Medipacks that you'll find with the salvage system, or purchase through a vendor. Touching this icon will either take care of all of one type of DoT or heal you . For example, if you're bleeding, it will take care of your bleed, but not heal you. If you have no DoTs it will heal you a moderate amount. If you find a medikit someplace and touch it with the hud on, your hud will be credited one heal.

Radiation Symbol: Radiation, the slow death. Radiation doesn't do a lot of damage, but it lasts a LONG time.

Biological / Poison Symbol: Biological and poisonous contaminates such as gasses and disease do a small amount of damage, but do not last very long.

Fire Symbol: FIRE BAD! FIRE BAD!! AUGH! Fire is defiantly the shortest of the DoTs, but the most catastrophic. Avoid fire at all costs.

Bleed Symbol: You might get cut, or break a bone, and then you will start to bleed. Bleed lasts a while and does moderate damage.

The Stick Man and Shields: The stick man represents armor slots as to where armor is equipped. There are 6 equip slots for armor. Head, Torso, right and left arms, legs, and feet. These will change to a brighter white to represent what slots are and are not available. The shields represent an armor value to the corresponding protections. Armor helps reduce damage from specific sources, and helps you resist DoTs. Armor is good, fire is bad.

Wastelands Weapons

Weapons in the Wastelands are either found, traded, bought from other players, or more commonly built using the salvage system.  The weapons are specific, in that they only work with The Wastelands games.  All of the weapons use mouselook left clicks to activate or shoot.  That means your must be looking through the eyes of your avatar in Second Life, have your weapon equipped, and clicking things to shoot them. Melee weapons are currently the weapon of choice, as they don't require ranged ammo that must be made with the salvage system.

Wastelands Clobberin' Stick

The Wastelands Clobberin' Stick is a prime example of a simple melee weapon in the Wastelands.  To use it, make sure your Wastelands Hud is on, and then equip it from your inventory.

This is more than just any old stick, this is your trusty BEATING stick for when you're on your last leg of offensive. But you've gotta be close, because whackin' people with a stick half as long as your arm isn't a ranged affair. The good thing about melee: No ammo. Just brutal monkey rage.

Wastelands Nailgun

This is a CO2 powered nailgun. It's got a lot better range than the Clobberin' Stick, a higher rate of fire and limited ammo. All guns in the Wastelands will have to be recharged with ammo kits. Certain ammo types will be rarer than others.

To reload the nailgun:

  1. Rez it on the ground, then touch it. This will set the weapon to reload mode.
  1. Rez the Nailgun Ammo on the ground VERY close to the gun, then touch that.
  2. The Ammo will prompt you if you want to restock X. X being the thing it detects.
  3. After your gun is restocked, pick it up and re-attach it.
  4. Pwn n00bz.


In order to create anything in the Wastelands games, you must salvage it an construct it on your own. Whether you look for parts, barter or buy them, it's up to you. You can find various crates spawning all throughout the Wastelands. In order to loot them, you must have a Wastelands HUD equipped. Simply touch the crate while your hud is equipped, and you should be able to loot it.

The Salvager

You will find a machine called The Salvager near the bunker of the first Wastelands sim. This machine combines three salvaged objects into one greater object, such as another part, weapon, clothing or armor. To operate it, touch the red button, and follow it's instructions.


Modelers / Builders:

  • Gutterblood Spoonhammer
  • Spider Mandala
  • Makaio Stygian

LSL Code:

  • NeoBokrug Elytis

Special thanks:

  • All the players of WLv1, and their feedback.