WL: Blood Potato Plant

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WL1 BloodPotatoPlant.png

These leafy plants will sometimes sprout up in the sands directly to the east from the Potato Farm Arena under specific conditions.

Game Mechanics

While wearing your HUD, you can click to interact with the growing plant. The plant will show floating text of whoever is interacting with it at that time. Blood Potato plants start out as just a "sprout", with no resources given if successfully harvested. If left alone, the plant will continue to grow, reaching "young" status after a time.


Clicking the plant and choosing "Harvest" will begin a countdown, with a floating meter showing harvesting progress. During this time, if you move, or take damage from any source, it will interrupt the harvesting attempt, and you will have to start all over again.

Potential Loot

Successfully completing a harvest of a plant will reward you with a number of WL: Blood Potato, depending on the growth stage the plant had reached at the time of harvest.