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Some of you are probably wondering, "Why is there a Terms of Service and a Rules of Conduct? This is second life!". The answer is, because this is second life. So I'm going to do my best to explain things in a non-legal-ese manner. Some people understand legal-ese, but mostly it puts people off from reading it. I know the sheer length of this document might put some people off.:) The basic gist of this whole document is: Don't be a dick, don't cheat the games, no-refunds, help out if possible.

Terms of Service

The games of the Wastelands are created by the Development team of the Wastelands, they are free for the enjoyment of anyone who wants to participate. The Dev team spends a lot of VOLUNTEERED time to bring these games to you. Because the Dev team volunteers time, and because it's free, we're under no obligation to meet anyones demands about how the games should be run. We'll run it as we see fit. Even if that means train wrecking the whole thing into oblivion.

There are NO refunds of any kind. As much as we all love second life, we all know it has it's quirks. Things break, inventory gets eaten, we're all at the mercy of the grid. If you feel something needs to be done about inventory you've lost, please visit the SecondLife JIRA and file or vote on a bug. ( http://jira.secondlife.com ) Remember, every time you rez something there's a slim chance it will be lost forever, just because second life is second life. All of the resources to get weapons / armor / ammo are free, with the exception of time spent playing. With all the hours spent coding, we'll call it even. :)

There's no guarantee that we'll run any of the games forever. There's also no guarantee that any of the games will stay the same.

Please don't try to reverse engineer the games. We've spent a lot of free time putting them together so everyone can enjoy them.

Every HUD has an silent account associated with it, that way whenever I update the HUD I can transfer consumable items (bullets / medkits) to the new version of the hud with minimal impact. Another "feature" of this account is weather or not you're allowed to play the games associated with the Wastelands. It can easily be described as a BAN / SUSPEND from the games if you're not allowed. We reserve the right to ban with or without reason and explanation. It will take quite the feat to get banned, getting banned from the sims is reason enough, trying to subvert the games will earn you a ban. Being a dick in general. You're allowed to try to appeal to me, but you better have a damned good reason for me to unban you.

I do have a bounty on bugs and exploits, and I pay in lindens or game items, the amount depends on the severity of the issue. If you happen to find one IM me with the *ALL OF THE DETAILS*, how you did it, and if you're able to recreate it, where you were, etc. As much as you can fit in there.

The games are provided as it, without any warranty.

As usual the SL TOS applies too. ( http://secondlife.com/corporate/tos.php )

Rules of Conduct

While spending time in The Wastelands you must respect the rights of others and their right to participate in role play here as well as enjoy the games provided. These Rules of Conduct are intended for use by the visitors and residents who roleplay or use the game elements of The Wastelands in Second Life; and should be considered a rulebook for behavior when visiting the estate. The Devs and Road Patrol have final say over what constitutes a violation of these rules. Repeated violations of these rules will result in a suspension or ban from the estate, game, or both.

The Devs are committed to fair and equal treatment of all of the residents of The Wastelands and it's visitors. If there is a suspected violation of the rules we will investigate fully, with the responsibility to prove the violation and the resulting outcome resting solely with us.

Residents and visitors will follow any instructions that are given to them by the Devs or Road Patrol. Failure to comply with requests or instructions received from them is a violation of the Rules of Conduct and disciplinary action will be taken as necessary.

In addition to the rules of the Covenant gamers and roleplayers may not:

  1. Harass, threaten or embarrass another avatar or to cause distress, unwanted attention or discomfort of such avatar, or any other person or entity. The Wastelands does not condone harassment in any form and may suspend or ban the accounts of any avatar who harasses others. Personal attacks, such as those based on a person's race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, gender, lifestyle choice, disablement or other such affiliation, are strictly prohibited.
  2. Engage in "disruptive behavior". Disruptive behavior could be defined by many things, from entering combat unhudded to help friends gain an advantage, to griefing an event. The Devs and Road Crew reserve the right to determine what disruptive behavior is, and the punishment required. The general rule of thumb is to follow your moral compass, and put yourself in the other persons shoes.
  3. Engage in any behavior that is contrary to the "spirit of the game".
  4. Body Camp. If you kill a person move on.
  5. Use any third party scripted items to assist in playing the games while wearing a HUD. Movement assists, scanners, and griefing tools are strictly prohibited.
  6. Post signs on any other residents land without their expressed permission.

"Roleplaying" is not an excuse for violating any policy. The Devs are still not moderating RP. This is essentially be nice or leave, because you're hurting the community.