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TL;DR stands for "Too Long; Didn't Read". This is the abridged canonical section of the Wastelands Role play, and should be sufficient for a "quick start". If you wish to know more, and get a more in depth knowledge of what Role Play in the Wastelands is, please consider reading the whole role play category.

  1. The fall of civilization started many thousands of years ago. It was not one single event, and due to the nature of the setting, quite possibly not the last. No one that is alive or playing in this environment is from or related to that time. Period.
  2. There currently is no measurement of time, so no one has a fixed idea of what year it is, or even what a year is.
  3. No information (aside from what is released via quests) about the past reveals anything more than 50 years ago. It simply did not survive, or is not understood by the inhabitants of The Wastelands. At best players should know one or two facts about the history in this wiki, but no more. Most people are concerned with day to day survival. People may have survived, but civilization as we know it did not.
  4. Technology is VERY scarce and misunderstood at best. Everyone is limited to crude tools, weapons, and the broken things they find. The majority of the population should be illiterate, but that doesn't mean they are not smart.
  5. There are no supernatural entities. However some things like the occasional rare old world technology seem mystical and supernatural with their nature, but that is only because it is not understood.
  6. There is a strict limited list of races you can play as.
  7. Be aware of metagaming and try to avoid doing it.
  8. WE ARE NOT Fallout, Mad Max, Halo, or <insert other apocalyptic situation here> role play. We're our own individual entity, with a growing original history and setting.
  9. If you like where this is going, please consider reading more.