Joseph - (Dead)

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Joseph no longer exists, and this page is kept here for general information. Players are no longer allowed to trade old salvage for scrit as described below. There is and will never be another way to convert very old legacy items into a useful for the game. Those times are over, as people have had literally years to do it. Instead most of these items left over are considered collectors items, and there's always a market for other players who collect them.

Joseph came from some unknown island to the north where people are still able to use irradiated (legacy) salvage. He was found in the cape of ruin at the docks, before the whole area sank into the ocean.

Game Mechanics

Joseph will only traded legacy items for trader scrit. Legacy items are items that have a WL: prefix, but not a barter value in the description. Instead they say Common, Uncommon, or Rare. He used to take any five items (regardless of "value") and trade you one scrit for it, up to 250 items per trade -- a maximum of 50 BV worth of scrit each day. All values on a trade are rounded down to whole numbers; so it takes a minimum of five items to get one scrit.

As with the traders, wear your HUD, board his boat, and click him. Rez your items, and then click "Done". You've got 5 minutes.


The things you rez during a trade will be FOREVER GONE! Once you rez an item it will be permanently deleted forever. You cannot back out of the trade like with the normal traders.

There are no refunds for any trades. If SL messes up, it's gone.