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Community Volunteers are regular visitors and residents of the Wastelands who seek to help newcomers understand Second Life and The Wastelands in their spare time. Every day 10% of all visitors to the Wastelands are less than a week old. Second Life is a big and confusing place when you first sign up, doubly so when you come to the Wastelands. The purpose of the Community Volunteer program is to help people stay in Second Life, and quite possibly spend their time in The Wastelands.

The long term goal of the community volunteer program is to be effective enough to warrant the creation of an Orientation Island for Secondlife and The Wastelands, attached to the estate.


Spend a few hours a month hanging out at any of the telehubs on the estate.
Introduce yourself as a guide to people who approach you.
Answer questions about Second Life, owning land, and the games and role play of the wastelands.


Know Second Life like the back of your hand.
Have a very good knowledge about all aspects of The Wastelands.
Do not recruit for groups, or other personal interests.

Benefits of Being a Community Volunteer

Post group notices in Ruin Nation for Wastelands related events.
A keen "Guide to the Wastes" group title. :P
I'm open to ideas about further benefits.

How to Apply

To apply to be a resident volunteer be at least one year old in SL, and just send NeoBokrug Elytis an IM inworld.

List of Current Volunteers


Tralala Loordes