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Authors Notes

Botans will be extremely hard to RP, and are exceedingly rare creatures in the Wastelands. You should probably ask to RP as one before you jump in.


Of all the sentient creatures in the Wastelands, the Botan has the most unique physiology of all. Most noticeably botans have a horrifying visage, so much so that some mutants have stepped back in surprise. Secondly, botans are not made of meat like you or I, and more resemble the tough insect eating plants found in the swamps. They seem to possess all the best qualities of the most unpleasant plants you might encounter. They're frighteningly swift, but seem as frail, of not more so than humans. Thorns, spines, sticky ichor, and a paralytic pollen, are all part of their innate natural hunting habits. Fortunately they don't have to use these attacks often, most botans are "farmers". Botans are strict carnivores. Most botans lie in waiting, and then ambush their prey. Botans are incapable of verbal or written communication.


Because botans are coming of age, and they lack the ability to communicate with other races reliably, there is no significant history that has been documented. It is speculated that botans evolved from carnivorous plants that have endured the harshest of elements.

Social Culture

Surprisingly, botans have a social culture. They were first discovered along the oceanic coasts to the east, when an explorer mistook their camp for a mutant camp. Botans are usually solitary creatures, but gather with other botans once a month in some sort of meeting. It is assumed they're communicating in ways we cannot hear or see. Botans can only communicate (rather poorly) through pantomiming.

Modern Day

Botans spend their days tending and supplying their vermin farms. They breed vermin, like we grow our plants; for consumption. Because of the language barrier, botans are entirely untrusted by humans, mutants are wary, and ghouls are indifferent. Manimals, having similar language barriers have learned to pantomime with botans, and sometimes work as poorly qualified translators for them.

There have been reports of incidents where humans raid botan vermin farms for the meat. Without a steady supply of protein, botans have been known to fly into a hunger induced rage and eat anything suitable for sustenance, including humans, mutants, and manimals.