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You're here because your Second Life account is less than one year old AND it has No Payment Info On File (NPIOF) with Linden Lab. The rule does not affect many people, but unfortunately it affects you.

The games in The Wastelands will always be free to play for Second Life users, but playing our games is still a privilege. If you're here to because you want to play the games immediately, just scroll down to Let Me Play. If you want to know why you're on this page, or why we have this limit in place, please continue reading.

Since 2007 the Wastelands has hosted games on the estate to compliment role play and enrich the environment. Our games are free and opt-in because when *I* (NeoBokrug Elytis) joined SL, I didn't like that you would have to buy equipment to visit certain places or be kicked out. So with the help of some awesome people, we decided to make our own thing to be free to play.

Over the years, 99.9% of everyone who has ever played has been generally a good person; but that small 0.1% would usually just log on to be a pain in the ass for the other players. Worse yet, some would come in to try to scam new players out of their Linden Dollars who don't know that the game is free. Historically, we've game banned and/or estate banned these people -- but Second Life is a very open platform that allows people to create a brand new account with little to no verification. They would just log on to a new account and keep being a dick. Despite the few countermeasures we already have in place, they don't effectively keep throwaway alts out of the game. So that's why this rule is here now. Either players invest a years worth of time into their SL account, or they have contact information on file with Linden Lab. In either case, it's a measure of Accountability for a players actions; a game ban has quite the sting now.

Let Me Play

  1. Visit Billing Information on the Second Life website.
  2. Add a method of payment to your account.
  3. (Ideally that should be it, but it's not.) Because of a bug, you must purchase some Linden Dollars through the marketplace. You can do that here. As of the time of this writing, the minimum transaction amount must total $2.50.
  4. You can keep your Linden Dollars or buy something nice on the marketplace with them. You do not need to give them to anyone, they're yours to spend as you see fit.

Alternatively, you can wait until your SL account is 365 days old.