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Welcome to the Wastelands! Thank you for purchasing a parcel of land and becoming an invested member of our community! It is recommended that you bookmark this page (CTRL-D) in case you need to reference this information again at a later date. The Wastelands Portal is the gateway to all sorts of relevant information about our community, the forums, this wiki, the land store and more.

Paying Tier

Now that you own land in the estate, it's probably in your best interests to keep it for a while. In order to keep it you must continue to make regular tier payments using one of two methods.

  • The primary method is paying using the tier panel located here. It's simple to use and instructions are provided in the link above.
  • The other method will cover your bases in case anything prevents you from logging into Second Life, such as a broken computer, bad weather, or an internet outage. These are the automatic tier paying mailboxes. In several cases it's been a life-saver to many residents, and I HIGHLY suggest setting one up. It's a great saftey net for such instances, and it's also good if you don't want to worry about tier dates. As long as you have enough L$ in your account, it'll keep paying tier for you. One of them should be included in the folder of things you got when you purchased land. If you'd like a different color, you can visit The Heap to get one of four other colors.

The stuff on your land

In order to keep the estate lookin' pretty, we rez stuff on land that is for sale. Odds are if you bought land from me, there's a bunch of themeatic decor there! If you like some of the things rezzed on your land; a URL, or SLURL exists on every items description to the creators store. While not every item that's rezzed is for sale, I encourage you visit their stores to buy your own copies if they're available. Who knows? You may find some other new things there too!. The quickest way to clear the land is just to set auto-return to 15 minutes, all objects should be returned instantly.

Usefull Links

The ever growing Heap has TONS of free prefabs, builders kits, avatars, textures, and objects that are themeatic and made by other residents just like you! Just make sure you have your resident group tag on before you click anything.


Official Land Owners Group (You shall recieve an invite soon if you are not already in the group)
Official Role Play and Information Group

Our Community Volunteers can assist you if you have some questions, but if you need help with your parcel don't hesitate to reach out to any of the estate management below!

Feel free to just poke around this wiki, we have over a decade of documentation about the estate here.!


Road Patrol (People who can help you the fastest):

Ccindy Pfeffer
Aposiopesis Fullstop

Dev Team (People who help create and maintain the estate):

Aki Shichiroji
GutterBlood Spoonhammer
Kazuhiro Aridian
Makaio Stygian
Sandusky Kayvon

Estate Owner:

NeoBokrug Elytis