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Time in the Wastelands is vague at best. No one knows when it started, no one knows when it ended. But in the four years that the settlers of the Wastelands have lived, they've learned the seasons and have named them after their most common traits.

From a meta gaming standpoint, each season is about 60 days. 6 seasons are 1 year. In RP terms, a year is called a "span of seasons", "a seasonal span", or just a "span" for short.

Season of Shelter

Real life months: January and February

Important Dates

The 17th day of the Season of Shelter marks the anniversary of settling in the Wastelands

Season of Revival

Real life months: March and April

Season of Violent Winds

Real life months: May and June

Season of The Fire King

Real life months: July and August

Season of Hoarding

Real life months: September and October

Season of Withering

Real life months: November - December