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Tier Donation.jpg

The WL: Tier Donation Plate is a device designed to allow other people to make tier payments on other peoples lands in increments of one day, or one week. This is a 100% optional tool, and you're not required to use it. You can grab one here if you need one.

How it works

When a donor attempts to make a payment, it will check if the amount is equal to at least one whole day's worth of tier. If it's less than a full day's payment, the donation will be refunded. If it's more, the donation will go through, calculate the days it can pay for, and donor will receive change for the difference. Acceptable donation amounts are one whole day, or one whole week. Due to the limits of SL, and the way the tier system is set up, partial payments are not allowed. If the donated payment is successful, the donation will immediately be credited to your SL account balance, and then sent from your balance as a payment to the tier system. If you have an email address on file, the transaction and your next tier due date will be sent to you. The most recent donors name will appear on the plate.


Obtain and Rez the WL: Tier Donation Plate on any land you're the owner of and position it to where you'd like it. Touch it to begin the setup process, and follow the inworld dialog instructions. Once completed it will request debit permissions. You must grant debit permissions for it to work properly.


No amount of code can replace human judgement, decision making, and the responsibilities of paying your tier on time. You should never rely on donations to make your tier payments on time. From witnessing other estates, the cold hard truth is that places that strictly rely on donations inevitably close down, and the pressure of making tier payments from donations alone is a whole bag of stress you don't want. If this device fails for any reason, and you fail to pay your tier, we will still have to reclaim your land. The responsibility of paying tier rests solely on the tenant.


  1. Only one device may be rezzed per land parcel.
  2. Only the owner of the land may use the device.
  3. A version 2.4+ Second Life viewer is required, or a 3rd party viewer supporting llTextBox functionailty.
  4. This device requests DEBIT PERMISSION, you must be comfortable with that.
  5. I don't anticipate this to be a problem; but if the L$ transaction fails for any reason and it says you owe the estate owner L$ -- it's because it's credited your parcel time, but the amount wasn't properly forwarded. Please expect to pay the amount owed.


As the creator of this I can guarantee that it's only intention is for it to collect and forward donations for tier on parcels of land that you own. As a 6+ year old estate in SL, I'd like to think that we've earned your trust. After all we only want the community to grow, and you can't do that if we scam our residents. If there is ever a problem where you suspect that the device went crazy and took money your L$ balance for any reason other than forwarding donations, we promise to look into it and correct the situation.


  1. Kazuhiro Aridian: For the plate model and textures.