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The Wasteland Public Works group has been founded so the residents can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of The Wastelands, while expanding and enhancing the skill sets of the members of the group. Group membership is approved through application process only.

Group Goals

  • Mentor individuals to improve their talents and skills by sharing ideas and techniques through work projects and building classes.
  • Create a vast library of Post Apocalyptic themed assets any Wastelands Resident can access.
  • Update and improve the aged infrastructure of the Wastelands.
  • Develop a network of talented contacts who can help share ideas.
  • Work together as a team and plan new regions when they come about.
  • Be hired by Desolate Studios for project work when it's available. :)


Admission to this group is strictly via application and approval process. When applying for membership please keep the following in mind:

  • This is a volunteer group with high expectations, and as such it is run like a real project in Second Life.
  • If you accept or start a project we expect you to give us a deadline when it will be complete, and be able to meet that deadline. As a group member who volunteers you get to say when you plan to have your portion of the project done. This stipulation is in place so we can make plans for other members to work on other portions of whatever project we're working on at the time; while keeping a steady if not slow pace towards progress.
  • If you do not want to work because you do not like other people in the group, then you you won't be allowed to be a part of the group. Check your grudges and disagreements at the door -- we're here to work.
  • This group is not for vanity, or lording over other individuals. Anyone who does this EVER, will be ejected FOREVER.

If you are still interested copy, paste, and edit the following in a new notecard. Rename that notecard to "WL Public Works - Your Name", and drop it inworld to one of the following individuals:

Western Hemisphere (USA, Canada, Mexico, Southern America, Etc.)
Aki Shichiroji Vikki Placebo
Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Asia, Australia, etc.)
Ccindy Pfeffer

Application Template

Copy and paste the following into a notecard:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What region of the world are you in?
  3. What is your primary language, and what other languages do you speak?
  4. We like SL voice, are you capable of at least listening in?
  5. Do you have an account on the WL forums?
  6. What SL related skills do you possess?
    • (Be sure to mention your skill levels, none, novice, intermediate, advanced, expert)
    • Prim building: None
    • Sculpt building: None
    • Mesh building: None
    • Texture work: None
    • Scripting: None
    • Animations: None
    • Audio: None
  7. What programs do you frequently use?
  8. What non-SL related skills do you think you could contribute?
  9. What portion of the Wastelands do you think needs improvement most?
  10. How could you contribute to it?
  11. And finally, are you cool with the idea that the things you create for the WL Public Works are granted full permissions (royalty free) to the estate, while you retain the rights to resell as you please?