The Trade Post

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The Trade Post

I's somethin' what between a small town, a fort, an' what used to be called a shoppin' mall. Whate'er yer lookin' for - scrap, booze, food, a roof - we got it.

About The Trade Post

The idea behind the Trade Post is as old as the Wastelands themselves - a large open market for anyone to use to sell off scrap. The original Trade Post was the sole build in the Kronbelt barren sim and became an important hub of Wasteland life. The new Trade Post is located in the Junkyard, just in front of the telehub and is roughly one and a half times larger than the original while only using about a quarter of the land impact, thanks to the advancements of mesh in Second Life. The Trade Post stands as a community resource to be used as an open market by anyone and is also designed, from the ground up, as a haven for RP interactions (it is also one of the main sources of Firecracker! Cola in the Wastelands). Whether you simply want to set some things out to sell or you want to roleplay a trader, merchant, guard, or any other denizen of the Wastelands, this is the place to do it.

What's With The Crates?

The Trade Post maintains a prim reserve for the placement of scrap and other wasteland items, however some of it is very 'primly' and could eat up the budget fast. To combat the problem the Trade Post uses sculpted crates to sell scrap, as well as the paper baggie for food commonly seen in the wastes. We have three distinct shapes and sizes of crates and all of them are full perms. The full perms crates means you can resize them and reshape them to best accommodate the item being placed into it and that practice is very much encouraged (no one wants to buy a rifle from a palm sized box, it breaks the illusion). See the Joining the Trade Post section for further details on their use.

Hey, I'm New To The Wastelands and I Want To Live In The Trade Post!

OK! We have group roles set up for roleplayers who want to roleplay within the Post as well as people who want to live here. If you are new to the wastes and/or can't afford land, move into a container but know that if it gets crowded you may end up bunking with someone! There are nine containers that can be claimed as homes, each home have a 10-15 Land Impact allotment for decoration which is plenty for the type of squat you'll be inhabiting (Trade Post Foremen retain the right to ask you to remove decorations if they are inappropriate or clash with the overall aesthetic of the Post, so please decorate wisely). If more than nine people desire to bunk in the Trade Post, concessions will have to be made on both space (roommates will be a must) and Land Impact. Understand that the primary purpose of the Trade Post is trade, so prim budget/land impact will be allotted to the market first and foremost as it takes precedence.

The Trade Post Market and Use

Becoming a Merchant

The Market

USE OF THE TRADE POST IS FREE (that means free from any fee in real money, L$ space bucks, scrap fees, or anything else. Nothing of any value, real or virtual, will be charged as a fee for the use of the Trade Post). IF ANYONE SAYS THAT THEY ARE TRADE POST STAFF AND ASKS FOR YOU SOMETHING, THEY ARE LIARS. INFORM JUBAL OR APO IMMEDIATELY.

Joining the Trade Post as a vendor is easy, you simply IM Jubal Quintus or Aposiopesis Fullstop and you'll be invited to the group and given the Trade Post Welcome Pack which includes crates and baggie with a self-naming script, a patch, and a button. You have to be in the group to place your items as the Trade Post land is set to 'group only' to avoid being filed with garbage prims. However, it is important to note that being a vendor in the Trade Post DOES NOT mean you are in a faction/gang/political group within the Wastelands, nor does it mean you owe the land owners anything; there is no charge of any type for using the Trade Post. Also, to note, the Trade Post has no group that deals in factional warfare or politicking, it is merely a neutral meeting ground for members of all factions to do business. Of course, you might run into your bitter enemy while at the Trade Post (they might be selling here too!), so it's best to come armed or with some back up if you are engaged in factional combat and roleplay.

Trade Post Rules

This section outlines the rules of use for the Trade Post. They are very simple and so long as everyone follows them, we'll all be a big happy family...with guns...and the desire to murder each other.....well, ok, so we're not like a family at all.

  1. We built the Trade Post the way we want it, please do not add anything to it besides your crates (people living in the containers are the sole exception to this rule, though items placed temporarily for RP are welcome just be sure to clean up when you are done). This is a one way street to the shit list.
  2. Crates must be used for any piece of scrap/food over 2 Land Impact. If it is 2 LI (or less), please feel free to place it out uncrated.
  3. Don't place your crates on top of other vendor’s crates. You can stack your own, but please only stack like items at the same price. We don't want crates left floating because someone wanted the bottom crate more than the top one.
  4. There is no limit on how many crates you can place, but be reasonable. Prim counts will be checked daily and if you are looking a bit higher than we think you should be, we may ask you to remove a few crates.
  5. Place your items in the appropriate department.
  6. This build is also the home of the owners, be appropriately polite (wastelands polite isn't the same as RL polite, think on that a bit) as you are in our house, after all.
  7. If you wear a facelight you may be asked to remove it. They disrupt the carefully balanced and measured lights in use at the Trade Post and that pisses Jubal off. As a general rule, check your facelight at the door.
  8. Don't SLex in the Trade Post. Second Life sexing is against WL ToS anyhow and it's rude (see also the rule 6).

Use of the Crates

When you join the group to sell items you are given a set of crates and a crate naming script, these are your tools as a seller.

To use a crate to sell scrap you have to follow a few basic rules dictated by Second Life's permission settings. First and foremost, the item needs to be IN the crate (in the Contents tab). Secondly, the crate needs to be set FOR SALE and the ORIGINAL box needs to be checked. Your sale will fail otherwise. Setting the crate to LEFT CLICK BUY OBJECT will help people who are looking through the crates for that special something.

To use the naming script, simply drop your item in the crate that has the script in it (all of the crates and baggies are preloaded with the naming script) and the script will rename the crate and delete itself.


The Trade Post believes in fair and honest trade that doesn't create a 'pay to win' environment that favors players with more money over those with less. As such the Trade Post endorses, but does not require, sale prices be set at a L$ price of no more than BV*10, capped around 1500L$. Each vendor is welcome to sell at whatever price they choose, this is merely the standard of trade that the Trade Post endorses as the wasteland standard.

The Departments

To aid wastelanders in finding what they need quickly, we have set up "departments" within the Trade Post. The departments are simply paired tables designated with a sign for specific items. Each sign, when touched, will give you a notecard with a list of the items which that department holds. Most are common sense, a few are a bit of a stretch, but it's all in good fun. Some items listed are out of circulation and are only listed for old timers selling off older items as collectibles. Don't be upset if you can't find Basic Frame out in the salvage drops. If a department is getting full IM Jubal Quintus and he'll make more room.

The Trade Post Community in Roleplay

The Trade Post Community has roles that were created for individuals who wish to RP some form of Trade Post denizen, be they vagrants, barflies, vendors, guards, and more. Anyone affiliated with the Trade Post will have a "Ruin't TP X" tag on. The Trade Post Community itself is not a gang or faction that is involved with the power struggles that happen in the Wastelands, though individuals who are TPC members are free to do so but never in the Trade Posts name. In some rare instances Trade Post business may take place outside of the confines of the post itself, but for the most part you won't see roving gangs of armed and bloodthirsty TPC members acting in the Trade Posts name whilst killing your dog or whatever. They might be hunting a thief or Trade Post law breaker though, they do that from time to time.

There are several in-game Laws in the Trade Post, which can also be seen posted by the gates.

  1. Holster or sling all weapons. No brandishing weapons within Trade Post walls.
  2. No Stealing.
  3. Take your quarrel outside the walls.
  4. No time travel.
  5. No using firearms to fish.
  6. No eating a mans wife as a meat dish.
  7. No burning any persons pegged leg.
  8. No eating bacon during a full moon.

Some of these make no sense. As the Trade Post is a community resource anyone may enforce the Trade Post laws, so long as the have a Ruin't TP tag. Individuals who flash around weapons will be asked to sling them or to leave. People who move to do violence on each other will be asked to take it outside the walls or, if they are true Wastelanders, to step into the ring and settle it with fist wraps. Stealing is pretty much not possible as a matter of SL permissions, however you can roleplay a thieving attempt just beware the guards. The rest are pretty self explanatory.