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Sheala is played by Sheala Olivieri, and can frequently be found in North Yard.

Sheala is a mwrr manimal with dirt-covered skin and a badly shaved head. She is average height but a little underweight. Her teeth and nails are sharp and she has one blue cat eye while the other is blind -- usually hidden under an old rag wrapped around her head. She mostly wears rag clothes and dons a large fur cape in colder weather. Her clawed feet are wrapped in old cloth and twine. She has a hairless, short tail and a lot of scars.

Sheala appears to be good at fishing, but avoids fighting when possible.

Rumors About Sheala

  • Her children were a figment of her imagination.
  • She is always sociable and approachable.
  • Mutants killed her parents.
  • She lost her eye fighting with a Dune Trapper.