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Sam Wix is played by sam Wyx, and can frequently be found in The Great Fissure.

Sam is young and small human with blue/black hair and a curious smile. She lives underground so she is naturally pale but many layers of dirt turn her skin a pleasant brown. Her most distinguishing feature is the way she speaks, which is all messed up. Sam is shy, generous, mercurial, and she makes an excellent pot of soup.

Sam can make a nice meal out of things like bugs and grass. She also plays a haunting flute at the Mutant Drum Circles. But she has brain issues, so she sometimes fails to make sense and has trouble keeping friends.

Rumors About Sam

  • Sam’s head rattles when she shakes it.
  • She has a Purple Mushroom problem.
  • Her face was tattooed when she was an infant.
  • Sam once hacked a ghoul crime boss to death with a machete.