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There are two public stages for residents to use for their events in SL. The Junkyard Stage is located right next to the telehub in The Junkyard. Hambone Slash Stage is located overlooking the arena. So far we've had Live Music events, stand up comedy, and regular DJ sessions there. Any resident can use the stage for their event, but it is suggested that you make an entry on the calendar to avoid schedule conflicts.

How to set up the stream

The Junkyard Stage is built on the flatbed of a broken truck. Inside the driver cab of the truck is a cardboard box. Make sure you have your "The Wastelands" group active and touch the box. You should get a prompt similar to the following:

[10:34] Junkyard Stage Media Switcher: The program channel is 17691. To add the media stream type: /17691 <URL>. You have 60 seconds. Touch again to clear it.

The channel is randomized every use, and is only good for 60 seconds. So if your stream URL was You would type:


If successful the box will send you a confirmation message, and hover your name over the box. Once your party is over, please clear the stream by simply touching it again with your group title active. You should get another confirmation message. This box is set up on the trust system, as in I trust everyone to be civil about it's use. :)