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Mahmls are the most common manimals seen in the Wastelands. They are also the most diverse, containing many families and specific breeds.

Mahml Physiology

All Mahmls (pronounced maw-ml) possess varying thicknesses of hair and fur on their body. The fur may be matted with dirt and patchy from brutal fights and/or disease. Under the dirt, the furs are always earthtone in color, ranging from pale dusty yellows and light grays to darker and dirtier browns, grays, and sometimes black.

Mahml Families

Mahmls consist of the following "families", within which may be additional breeds:

Verm (vermin)

The Verm are one of the many smaller to average-sized Mahmls of tremendous diversity. Their breeds range from the filthy and savage Rat "Screecher" to the mischevious and semi-harmless "Skitter" Mouse.

The Verm.png
Of the Mamul families, the Verm are tremendously diverse in physical appearance. Certain Verm cover themselves in dirty robes and hoods in the daylight to protect themselves from the sun's glare (Moles) or to conceal their disgusting appearance (Rats). The language of a Verm can be at various frequencies from soft squeaks to harsh raspy screeching.
Social Culture
The Verm are plentiful yet most are very solitary. They are primarily harvesters. Only a few would be considered scavengers. Most Verm make their homes in burrows and dens, usually with a "backdoor" for escape. Mostly active at night, preferring their cool burrow homes during the day. Few are bold enough to scavenge or seek trade in the daylight.
Verm breeds
Screecher (Rat Scavenger)
The Screecher is filthy. Savage. Disgusting. Greedy. Always hungry. Always gorging on the scraps of food and trash it can find. Never satisfied. The Screecher obsessively hoards salvage only giving it up for those with offers appealing to its hunger. That hunger feeds rumors of cannibalism among its own breed.

Miner (Mole Scavenger)
The Miner is stubborn and focused on its needs with "tunnel vision" as some jokingly say. Powerful hands and feet to dig strong tunnels. Quite clever and crafty, most have crude goggles, visors, or blinders to protect their weak eyes from sunlight. Loves sandworm tenders. Intense hate/fear of adult sandworms and the danger they pose to its tunnels.

Skitter (Mouse Harvester)
The Skitter is a mischief maker. Somewhat skittish and cautious but its bold curiosity also gets it into trouble. Almost reckless with mischievous enjoyment when pursued by hunters. An eager harvester and explorer, usually willing to trade for an interesting bit of scrap. Mostly docile but prepared to defend itself if necessary.

Jumper (Jackrabbit Harvester)
The Jumper is very curious like the Skitter, but far more unpredictable. Extremely cautious and often tense in anticipation of danger. Deadly if cornered...its long-ears go down and it bares sharp pointy fangs.

Hardback (Armadillo Harvester)
Strange bands of bone span over portions of the Hardback's body. They are easily alarmed and very defensive. Almost paranoid. Will typically flee when threatened. Like the Miner, it has weak eyesight and may also be seen with goggles, blinders, or visors.

K'nid (canine)

K'nids are the cruel dog-men of the Wastelands of varying sizes and temperments. The calculating Wolf "Howler", the crazy mixed-breed "Snicker", and the clever "Slytooth" Desert Fox.

K'Nid Snicker canine.png
K'nids are the roaming dog-men of the Wastelands. Primarily active at night, they rely heavily on scent to distinguish territory and friend from foe. K'nid fur is usually matted and stringy with dirt and sand. Among K'nid packs, their fur is often patchy and torn from their brutal in-fighting. Colors range from sandy browns to dark greys. Their harsh attempts at spoken language are barked in sharp short phrases, emphasized with growls or whines.
Social Culture
K'nids are skilled trackers who always follow their nose. As a consequence, they often wander very far from their dens but they eventually find their way back. K'nids may be found gathered in packs, especially the scavenger breeds. Such exclusive packs are always led by The Fang, a title bestowed upon the toughest of the pack. The Fang is distinguished from the rest of the pack in ceremonial combat gatherings (the rules for which vary from pack to pack). Such contests occur at least once every season.
Lone K'nids are usually just hunters or harvesters that avoid pack politics. Others are pack outcasts for some reason. They may actually be fallen Fangs, but they rarely admit to it.
Wild K'nids are very skittish, feral, and violent to all who cross their path. They rarely approach others and keep to the Outer Wastes and Barrens because most settlements will drive them off due to their savage nature. Wild K'nids are always Hunters.
K'nid Breeds
Howler (Wolf Hunter)
The Howler is a large yet lean K'Nid hunter. An excellent tracker, mindful of its surroundings. Rarely intimidated, the Howler has a quiet confidence. It reveals very little when interacting, its standard silence broken with brief language accompanied by low growls. They sometimes announce their presence, however, with a sudden chilling howl piercing the air.

Snicker (Hyena/Jackal/Coyote/Mix Scavenger)
Snickers might be seen running in packs, their members exhibiting varying sizes, colors, and fur patterns in their filthy coats. Easily amused, it laughs at misfortune, even its own. Possibly crazy, but never stupid. Skittish and cowardly when alone; aggressive and brazen in a pack. It will keep its distance during conflict or trade, waiting to strike a blow or steal a deal. It may speak in an erratic or strange manner, often punctuated with laughter. What it's laughing at is anyone's guess.

Slythooth (Desert Fox Harvester)
The Slytooth is a docile and physically un-threatening harvester K'Nid. Curious and approachable, but rarely foolish or reckless. It will get a crazy gleam in its eye if a situation is potentially rewarding. Very cunning and clever when it comes to salvage and trade. It relies on intelligence in tense situations to avoid conflict. The Slytooth may punctuate communication with high-pitched barks but it's not interested in asserting vocal dominance like other K'nids. Most believe the resourceful Ace of Parts, Sandling Honey, is a Slytooth.

Mwrr (feline)

The Mwrr are mysterious feline hunters and scavengers, ranging from average to tall in height. There are only two breeds but their members may reflect mixed genetics: the proud Great Cat "Stalkers" and the shifty Wildcat "Prowlers".

Mwrr Stalker feline.png
The Mwrr are feline manimals with long, lean, and athletic bodies. Their fur may be marked by stripes, spots, a mixture of the two or unmarked entirely. Some Hunters may possess a thick mane around the neck, head, shoulders and back. The mane is one source of a Mwrr hunter's pride and vanity, sometimes fashioned into distinctive styles, braided, or adorned with bones, beads, and twine. Sharp fangs protrude noticeably from the upper jaw, especially among the Hunters.
Social Culture
The Mwrr are vain, unpredictable, and mysterious. Although they are always silent and deadly when hunting or scavenging, the Mwrr are very proud outside of those activities, sometimes even boastful (especially the Hunters). Typically, they are loners but alliances do happen for the sake of hunting or scavenging parties. They will even cozy up to other manimals and races if it suits their purposes. They are opportunistic in trade or combat and their loyalty ranges from fierce to fickle. Like the K'Nid, they also wander far from home when hunting or scavenging. Their body language and mood can change drastically in a split second...from casual lazy indifference to intensely focused and poised.
Mwrr breeds
Additional information and concept sketches for M'wrr breeds can be found here.

Tusk (porcine)

The Tusks are roving pig-men charging through the junk, the brush, and the sand. Sifting thru the debris with hungry snorts, searching for valuable prey or parts and trampling over anything that gets in their way.

Tusk Trotter warthog.png
The Tusk is covered with a thin patchy coat of bristly hair on its thick hide. Large yellowed tusks, hence the name, curl up from a porcine snout that is habitually sniffing and snorting at the air or ground. Its hands and feet retain some of the cloven hoof characteristics of its genetic forebears, ending in tough boney tips. It has difficulty forming complex words and language (possibly due to its large tusks) but it will snort and even stamp the ground for emphasis.
Social Culture
The Tusk is a cunning scavenger and brutal hunter, with very temperamental behavior. Packs are rare and usually controlled by a very strict leader. The Tusk is also know to some as a "Trotter." There is some aversion to Tusks ever since the first known exposure to the Rustmouth plague may have come from one. The Tusk generally dislikes the Mwrr and K'Nid, seeing them as competitors.

Pah'Ket (marsupial)

The Pah'Ket is an average-sized manimal with large feet, ears, and tail but its most notable physical feature isn't as visually obvious. It possesses an abdominal pouch where it may store salvage, food, and sometimes weapons. When communicating, it may pantomime its intentions, adding emphasis with yelps and barks.
Social Culture
The Pah'Kets is an enthusiastic harvester and scavenger, operating in small packs. Its mood is usually docile but skittish, wary of hunters from any race. Like most manimals, it will quickly turn vicious when threatened.