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Lyda is played by flyzephyrr, and can frequently be found in The Wastelands.

Lyda's appearance has developed through the progression of her decay. A fractured skull adorns the top half of her face concealing the withering flesh beneath it. Matted curls painted in mud and sand spill from atop her head. A victim of rigor mortis, she suffered the loss of her arms early on in turning. In place of her old extremities are prosthetic limbs that she has learned to make do with.

She's willful to the point of stupidity, and will accomplish her goals no matter how bad the odds are. But ever since ghoulism took hold of her, she has become progressively ineffective when it comes to movement (and combat). Countless fumbles, stumbles, and rusty joints often leave her taking a dive into the nearest trap or pitfall.

Rumors About Lyda

  • She became known as the mother of Brawlers after sharing her obsession of pugilist weapons with a congregation of misfits who like to punch one another.
  • Her ghoulism is said to be the result of a mishap with the Black Market.
  • She makes false hair from the skin of Manimals.
  • The skull fragment she dons once belonged to another Wastelander.