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Lune is played by Lunesta Matova, and can frequently be found in The Junkyard.

Lune won't be mistaken for anyone else. Someone once told her she looked like the apocalypse itself. Mottled skin, slight of build, clouded eyes, indeterminate age, various wounds antemortem and postmortem, tangled hair studded with bits of scrap, ephemera and detritus that she is compelled to collect. Lune is a Ghoul.

She's good at doing things she finds interesting - scrapping, collecting odd bits, exploring and killing spiders. But she's not great at small talk.

Rumors About Lune

  • Lune knows the location of a secret underground chamber of mystical fungus somewhere in the Wastes.
  • She once shot someone because she didn't like their "hairstyle".
  • She spent her initial years in the Wastelands as a Human, but got in too close proximity to the ghouls.
  • She has a tattoo of Doktor Pileus on the back of her shoulder.