Irk, Son of Girk

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Irk, Son of Girk is played by Irk (shannonwilsonbell), and can frequently be found in The Great Fissure.

Commonly known as Irk, he is lanky, bowlegged, hairless, and mottled green. His hands are huge and his feet are very sexy. Irk has no left eye. Irk was once a Tribal Mutant but is now an Exiled Mutant.

He's good at selling and trading salvage as well as killing buzzards. He has trouble with Females.

Rumors About Irk

  • Irk wants to set fire to all ghouls.
  • He scavenges in the Sand Seas every day.
  • He lost his eye hunting sandworms.
  • He has a wicked Uncle Smirk.